Star Spankled, Pin strip, Writtings on the Wall, Color Block, Dark Knight Rage Skirt &Breeze top, Color Cheetah Skirt,Candy Kane Jane

Photo: Jsm Photography

Urban Aztec, Black Widow, Aruba,Sunkissed,Caliente Mami,Skittle 2 piece, Jaguar,Diamond Girl: 

Photo Aston Watson

Gladiator,Candy Land, Urban Goddess:

 Photo: Aston Watson 

Mua: Abigaill Tolud of Dolling Maquillage

Hello Kitty, Casino Royal, Kiss of Death, Milkway, American Dream, American Sweetheart, American Beauty:

Photo Micheal Daughtry

Facebook: FOTOfein Photography                     Mua:                          Model: Star Thorne, Chanel Merriwhitter